Everything has a beginning..

Finally giving the blog thing a try. It’s a little too late at night to write much, but I’m hoping this will give me a good outlet for my thoughts and feelings. This is more of a personal blog.. So, a few things about me you may want to know if you’re reading this. I’m not sure anyone will, but who knows? 

My name is John. I was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy almost twenty years ago. It’s a genetic illness that causes voluntary muscles to degenerate, and as a result I have to use a power wheelchair to get around. High School was a bit of a struggle, as far as making friends and being accepted by other students. I didn’t date anyone from my school, but I did meet a few girls over the Internet. I’ve had two girlfriends in my whole life who I ever actually met. Kids are cruel, and I was of course the butt of many jokes, and made fun of for being different.

I’m sure this story would be familiar to many people. Everyone I was friends with would certainly understand, we were all different than most of the other students in one way or another. Some dressed different, some had different attitudes, and others maybe didn’t have much money. But the rough high school days aren’t the point. I’ve moved past that, on to the next stage of my life. Perhaps not in the same way as most people, but I’m still here and I’m still going strong. Hopefully, through this blog, I can come to move beyond my social fears so that I can become a more sociable person.


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